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Repairs / Double Bass

Every repair requires great sensitivity, care and experience. I guarantee a high level of service, the careful handling of your instrument and a photographic documentation of the repair. Wood allows to repair almost any damage as the extraordinary material it is. I am happy to accommodate the wishes of the player.

When restoring old instruments, I attach great importance to preserving the original condition and material as much as possible. I will always discuss the sense or nonsense of restoration work with the musician. It is always a matter of weighing up the importance of preserving documentary originality against the desire to restore an old instrument to its original condition.

I am always happy to take the time for a detailed and individual consultation.

Before a repair or restoration is started, a detailed cost estimate is prepared and presented to the musician.

Of course, I also carry out sheet coverings and sheet repairs professionally and with great precision.

Double bass

I would be happy to take care of the repair and tonal improvement of your double bass.

My years as a assistant in the Krahmer-Pöllmann double bass construction workshop have given me a wealth of know-how.