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New instruments:

A large part of my time I spend with the new construction of string instruments. I have specialized in the construction of violins and violas, which I mostly build according to models of old Italian masters.

The choice of wood is crucial for a good sound. I only use first-class wood that has been seasoned for many years. Each piece is selected by me according to optical and physical properties. The materials used and the physically measured values are documented for each instrument.

The knowledge of the wood density and the sound velocity in the wood gives me information about the desired curvature and the thickness of the soundboard and soundboard.

Small details in the craftsmanship are very important to me and make the instrument unique and special.

In order to adjust the instrument perfectly in terms of sound and playing technique, I enjoy working with the musician. It requires several ears, comparison instruments and a break-in phase.

The instrument is finished when I finally hand it over and the musician is satisfied. The musicians are my teachers. Through their criticism, advice and wishes I learn.